United Kingdom Autism Acceptance Month

On this page, you can find information, support for Autism acceptance in United Kingdom.

Autism Acceptance Month, this month is really important to many autistics worldwide due to the recognition as well as the awareness of autism. Many organizations worldwide will be helping to raise funds for autism acceptance month.

This year, World Autism Acceptance Week is from 28 March to 3 April and the National Autistic Society UK has something for everyone! Sign up for World Autism Acceptance Week above and tell us what you’d got planned. If you are keen to take part in a virtual event, you can join Christine McGuinness for our Super 60 challenge – we have 60 fundraising ideas to get you feeling inspired. Then we’ll celebrate the end of the week with our much-loved Spectrum Night Walk – London and Manchester 2 April if you can make it in person.

Another organization that is doing something similar for the cause of autism acceptance month is the team at Autism Together UK

Join them for Autism Together Acceptance Month… Get set for the return of Autism Together Acceptance Month… April 2nd is World Autism Acceptance Day, but we’ll continue celebrating autism awareness and acceptance for the whole month.

Yes, they are really dedicated for the month of April to raising awareness of autism, while fundraising and highlighting the vital work we do at Autism Together.

They’d love you to get involved, in any way you can.

Get Active For Autism

Walk/run a minimum of 54 miles during April and Autism Together Acceptance Month Click here to join our challenges…

The Challenge

Their 30-day challenge is perfect to help keep you active whilst supporting a great cause and helping encourage acceptance for autistic people during April.

They are asking you to complete 54 miles during the month. This can be walking, running, or cycling at your own pace and in your own time. Simply log your miles when you have done them and try to reach the target. if you go over this, even better! Why 54? Because of their charity started way back in 1968 and this year will be their 54th birthday.

Challenge Accepted!

Click on the ‘join’ button to register, then select your group. This will likely be an Individual Fundraiser unless you’re joining your workplace or family. You will be able to link to your own Strava account to populate your miles automatically, or you can input them manually. Strava is a free download.

Next, share your fundraising page with friends & family to gather sponsorship and raise awareness. Your target will be set at £54, but you can increase this if you would like to, and for everyone who signs up, completes 54 miles, and raises at least £54, we will send you a personal certificate and limited edition fridge magnet to say you completed the challenge!

Challenge your colleagues, friends, or family to take this on together. Get in touch with us and we can create your own team with your own leader boards to add that competitive touch. Email us at: [email protected]

Why should I join?

So, you are wondering why you should join or sign up for this right, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, and here at Autism Together they want us all to celebrate over the whole month of April! They think it is incredibly important to raise awareness of autism and the acceptance of autistic people. One in every 100 people in the UK has a diagnosis of autism and it affects each individual differently. To find out more about us, please visit their website www.autismtogether.co.uk

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