New Zealand Men’s Mental Health

On this page, you can find information on Men’s Mental health.


If you or someone you know is struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help, also if you’re showing signs and/or symptoms of anything out of the ordinary, seek professional help from a medical team as soon as possible.


Support Contacts Nationwide

Counselling & Support
Phone: 0800 543 354

Open 24/7
Phone: 0800 726 666

Depression HelpLine
Counselling & Support
Phone: 0800 111 757

Free Text: 234
Phone: 0800 376 633

LGBTQIA+ Support
Phone: 0800 688 5463

Suicide Crisis Help
Counselling & Support
Phone: 0508 828 865

What’s Up
5-18yrs Support
Phone: 0800 942 8787

Free Text: 3110
Phone: 0508 4 SPARX

Phone: 0800 611 116

Open 24/7
Phone: 0508 543 754

Men(tal) Health Month is in June every year and even though this is more designed for health issues, Mental health is now a big part of this, breaking the stigma and speaking up is so important for everyone but men have that tenancy of not speaking up and we see high numbers today of men being affected by it.

Men’s Health Week aims to help you get right on top of your biggest and most important asset – your health. As we know that sometimes some parts of the health sections for males can be a worry and especially that it’s scary, taboo, or even a pride/ego matter or many other reasons yet we all know that every aspect of our lives -mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally is all-important to make us all human.

Why is there a Men’s Health Month?

The sole purpose of Men’s Health Month is to get guys to think a little more and know a little more about their health, We want to encourage men to start with the small steps that can enable them to turn their health issues around, little steps can and will make big differences.

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