Dear letter series

In this category, this will contain some letters based on my personal struggles with mental health and just letters in general from my old journal to share with you my darkest moments and inside should also cover tips and advice on how I overcome most of the struggles that we all face.

To all autistic people out there, remember that you are valued and loved just the way you are. Your unique perspective and skills offer a richness to the world around us. It is important to embrace who you are and take pride in your strengths, no matter how different they may be from others. We understand that navigating the world can be challenging, but know that you are not alone. There is a supportive community out there and resources available to help you thrive. Always remember that your worth is not defined by your diagnosis or other people's perceptions. You are a valuable and cherished member of society, and your efforts to better yourself and the world around you make a huge difference. So keep shining, keep persevering, and keep being you!
- Kerrin Maclean. -

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