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If you would like to help Aspie with her future endeavors on her projects that she has been working towards her goals and dream of advocating, educating, and navigating through life with Aspergers Syndrome and mental health, feel free to donate/pledge to her cause. You can also watch the video here for more updates on what Aspie has been up to. This will be much appreciated.
You can do so on the following sites:

We will make every dollar you give count and ensure that your support is put to the right use.

What your donation could do

Goals 1-5 years


  • Finding a place
  • Supports are still in place for me for my mental health.
  • Volunteering my time to support the causes I’m supporting.
  • Being active in the community online and outdoors.
  • Training for advocacy, support services, and any other specialized field of interest.
  • Activities to register or even sports to play with others.
  • Learn to drive with the right people even if it means doing it through driving school.
  • Facing my fears of heights more.
  • To be leaner and fitter.
  • More self-care and self-love.
  • Writing my second book.
  • Learn something new ie. graphics, fashion/design, and animation.
  • Declutter any of the items that need to be getting rid of.

Goals 5-10 years+


  • Finding a place/owning a home that I can call my home.
  • Supportive future partner/husband.
  • Full license and being able to drive around.
  • Keep continuing my educating, advocating, and navigating work for others online and community.
  • Save money for future investments towards my projects ie. podcasts, YouTube channel, and business.
  • Find a job suited to the skill sets that I’ve got.
  • New PC Setup.
  • Upskill the skills I’ve got and manage any of the weaknesses I’ve got to pursue what I hope to go for.
  • Future of my podcast – hope it to be inclusive by inviting some people on there to share their lived experiences with mental health & autism.
  • More traveling
  • Investing?

In-kind donations

We appreciate support and donations of all kinds

To find out more informations about in-kind donations please contact us at [email protected]

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