EVERDAY LIFE OF AN ASPIE is a comprehensive guide and tour to what Aspergers Syndrome is all about. Little or inaccurate information exists about this psychological disorder.

Synopsis of Everyday Life of an Aspie

Kerrin, an educated and well-read young woman with this disorder who is well known on You-tube and Facebook for her passion in enlightening people about Aspergers Syndrome, finally puts her vast knowledge and experience into paper. She writes about the disorder and relates her own life experiences, for the readers to know what Aspergers Syndrome patients, whom she calls ‘Aspies’ go through every day. 

The following topics will be covered inside the book I’ve written

  • World of difference
  • (Living with Asperger’s syndrome)
  • ‘Aspergers syndrome and mixed-feelings’
  • (Asperger’s Syndrome: Depression with Anxiety
  • (Isolation: A deep and dark place)
  • (My Life’s story with Aspergers syndrome
  • (More about Aspies)

Being an Aspie is not a curse, neither is it a tragedy. Aspies are unique, talented, resourceful and special group of people. They should not be stigmatized and seen as abnormal. Rather, they should be accepted, loved and allowed into the society at large, supported and reached out to. More researches should be done on how to help victims of this disorder

This book provides a lot of information about what life is for those with this condition, which cannot be provided by those that are not in the shoes. It would be of great help to medical experts to learn more about this disorder with its right diagnosis. Also, for the public to have a better awareness and understanding about it and for them to know how to love, treat, support, and show care to those with it.

Kerrin Maclean’s Book Trailer/Life of an Aspie.

All is now revealed that “Life of an Aspie” book is finally now available for the readers.
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Release/Publish date: March 2016.
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