7 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ADD ADHD/ According to Dr. Amen [CAUSES & TREATMENTS] [Part 2] [Video]


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This is the second part of the first video that I created on this part of the series for you to check out click here

Autism and ADD/ADHD go hand in hand more often than you might think. According to recent studies, 30-50% of autistic people also show signs of ADD/ADHD, and about two-thirds of people with ADD/ADHD also show signs of being autistic*. This video is the first video in my series on Autism and ADHD, and today we’re exploring the 7 types of ADD according to Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Keep in mind, these 7 types of ADD are not listed in the DSM-5, which many providers use to make a formal diagnosis. Also, what I covered was the symptoms, causes and treatments that you can do to manage ADHD. Resources to what I shared:

*Attention Deficit Disorder, Amen Clinics:

*Are People With Autism Likely to Have ADD/ADHD:

ADD/ADHD Definition:

Autism Definition:

Amen Clinics:


Healing ADD (Book):

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Book):

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