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Men’s Health Week, June 11-17, is an opportunity to build awareness about the importance of physical health and well-being among Canadian men and to encourage men to take action to improve their overall health.

Canadians are some of the healthiest people in the world; however, we know that many Canadian men are not as healthy as they could be: 29% are obese; 82% do not meet physical activity guidelines; 76% don’t eat healthy food; and 35% don’t get enough sleep.

Small actions can have a significant impact in preventing many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancer. A lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity and adequate sleep as well as limiting alcohol consumption and not smoking, can have an enormous positive and long-term impact on men’s health.

Building awareness includes providing men with the tools and resources needed to make lifestyle changes that can improve their health. That is why the Government of Canada continues to invest in innovative partnerships like the one with the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation on the Don’t Change Much initiative. This engaging, online resource includes practical tips and tools that can help men to make lifestyle changes to improve their long-term physical and mental health.

This Men’s Health Week, I encourage friends, families, and colleagues across Canada to raise awareness of men’s health and to take the first step in making those small changes that can make a big difference to the health and well-being of men in Canada.

Men’s Health 2021 Event

Life can be a bowl of cherries in June: golf is in full swing, barbecues are sizzling, and friends are sipping sweet lemonade together. But this roller coaster year is different. Stress, anxiety, and loneliness are at an all-time high for Canadian men and their families since the pandemic started.

That’s why “Move for Your Mental Health” is the focus of Canadian Men’s Health Month 2021. As fellow Canadians, we’re encouraging you to get active, get informed, and improve your mental health this June. Attend a virtual speaker event with star athletes, professional broadcasters, and experts, join an easy fitness class, make a fun move pledge, or do all of it!

Registration is now open for events running throughout June, so what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

                                                                     Coping. It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Men are hit especially hard because they are hesitant to get help and feel like they need to be seen as strong and “tough it out.” Statistics show that guys only account for 30 percent of people who use mental health support services. We need to do better! That’s why delivering services online where a man can access them anonymously is an important part of the solution.

The good news: the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and Anxiety Canada have joined forces to improve the state of men’s mental health in Canada. We’ve also expanded our roster of Champions, welcoming NHL great Kevin Bieksa and radio host Buzz Bishop who are participating in this year’s virtual speaker events.

The Men’s Health Month Nitty Gritty

With all of the lemons delivered during the pandemic and lockdowns, it’s time to add some honey. You can get mental health tips, set an activity goal for motivation, inspire others to move, or donate to show your support. Here’s the run of the show for June 2021.

Virtual Speaker Event Series

Not sure how to start a conversation about mental health? Want to learn more about using physical activity to manage stress and anxiety? This four-part series covers these topics and more with the help of panellists such as longtime NHLer and executive Trevor Linden, Olympic gold medallist Simon Whitfield, and two-time Grey Cup winner Shea Emry.

Sort-of-Sweaty Weekend Workouts

From family-friendly challenges to belly-busting moves, Grey Cup champion and fitness coach Tommy Europe will have you working up a (light) sweat in these weekly virtual fitness classes. Follow @DontChangeMuch on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for Tommy’s pre-class warm-up. No running shoes? No problem!

Make Your Move Pledge

Pledging to get a little more active during Canadian Men’s Health Month—say, by walking for 15 minutes daily or taking part in the Sort-of-Sweaty Workouts—will help you stay on track, combat boredom, and give you a sense of accomplishment when you’re done. You can also inspire friends, family, and co-workers to follow your lead. Make Your Move Pledge right now!

Time to Register

Here’s what Move for Your Mental Health registration gets you:

  • Reminders and access to all speaker series and workout videos on demand
  • Early bird access to bonus tips from speakers and printable copies of workouts


On your marks, get set, and get MOVING for your mental health!

For more information, you can click here

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