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Come and follow me as I share some more history as well as the scenery along with activities with FireTheLier. The history of Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse Tuhawaiki Point, or Jack’s point, gets its name from Hone (Jack) Tuhawaiki, a Maori chief belonging to the Ngai Tahu and Kai Tahu tribes. The Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse was constructed on site in 1903 by the Timaru harbour board. It was built to overcome the ineffectiveness of the harbour light. The lighthouse originally resided on Somes Island in 1866. Operation of the Tuhawaiki Point light In 1903, the tower was fitted with incandescent light. This was a relatively untried lighting method in New Zealand at that time. The incandescent light worked by oil vapour at high pressure being sprayed into a mantle, which once ignited produced a brilliant white light. These lights required less maintenance than oil-burning lights. Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse is now fitted with a flashing beacon which is illuminated by a 100-watt tungsten halogen bulb. The light is powered by mains electricity backed up by battery power in the event of power failure. The light is monitored remotely from Maritime New Zealand’s Wellington office. Life at Tuhawaiki Point light station Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse had a sole keeper, who lived on the station until the light station was fully automated in 1930. The light was maintained by harbour employees from the nearby port of Timaru.

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