Dear People Who are fighting their Silent battles & struggles

This is another letter series that I hope to give support and also courage to them in their darkest moments and hours. To let them know that they’re not alone.

DISCLAIMER This is going to be a disclaimer and a warning for you all right now for those of you who are watching/listening as well as a trigger warning. As I said in my previous video if you haven’t seen it based on my spoken word for thought, I thought to bring this out of the reasons behind why I’m doing this and this is not to dwell on the past or anything like that or even seeking any attention like behaviors from you all or even just sympathy. I just want to share with you all basically that this is hopefully to engage with you all, support you all in a way, hopefully, that you can walk in my shoes and actually experience the pain and that in which I went through in the past life and maybe you can you know to seek help for whatever reason it may be and in saying this that if you see any people that you know of that you care about are showing signs and symptoms of anything of the previous videos based on mental health, do seek professional help for yourself or your loved one or even seeking a second opinion for yourself or your loved one because I don’t forever condone self-harm.

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