Dear Suicide – Dear Letter Series

DISCLAIMER/ TRIGGER AND CONTENT WARNING: This is going to be a disclaimer and a trigger and/or content warning for you all right now for those of you who are watching/listening. As I said in my previous videos, if you haven’t seen it based on my spoken word for thought, or some dear letter series I have written in my darkest times
I thought to bring this out of the reasons behind why I’m doing this and this is not to dwell on the past or anything like that or even seeking any attention like behaviours from you all or even just seeking out sympathy. I just want to share with you all basically that this is hopefully to engage with you all, support you all in a way, hopefully, that you can walk in my shoes and actually experience the pain that in which I went through in the past life and maybe you can you know to seek help for whatever reason it may be and in saying this that if you see any people that you know of that you care about are showing signs and symptoms of anything of the previous videos based on mental health, do seek professional help for yourself or your loved one or even seeking a second opinion for yourself or your loved one because I don’t forever condone self-harm.



Dear suicidal me,


This is a letter to you begging you to stop right now in what you’re thinking or what you are about to contemplate doing with your life. Today, there are many people that are struggling more than ever before, and you’re not forever alone as we all do struggle.


Some of these darkest suicidal thoughts that you are facing and trying to conquer every day is a mental illness called Depression. I may not be a doctor but I know and have read the signs and information about this. I may not be a doctor but I too struggle with my darkest thoughts. You are not alone as we are in it together to fight this demon. You aren’t crazy but you are just not well inside your mind.


I am wishing and hoping for you to realize that there is a lot more to come into your life right now as we all have a reason, and purpose in life.


We all need to shine our greatness and share what we have of our gifts and talents with the world. Despite these struggles of your demons that you’re facing – things will get easier and better by finding the right support, networks, etc around you in time. Time is the healer and it is up to you to get better no one else can do this for you to fight these battles as we can only be there to support you through all of this to reassure you again, that you’re not alone and that you can conquer this and rise above these demons. The battle you’re facing with your demons has not been defeated or lost until you make the call to end it. It’s okay to not be okay once in a while, it just takes time and courage to confront and ask for the help that we all deserve once in a while. It’s okay to not be okay. Hang in there. There are people out there that do care and love you more than you. Know in your heart that you are worth it you are worth everything above these demons that you’re facing right now.


You do deserve so much love, happiness, and success along the way in life. I believe that you have a true calling somewhere in life but that is up to you to find it and make ends meet for yourself in what you want to do for YOU and no one else.


The incredible things that you’ve seen and dreamt of doing and becoming are still within reach and it is up to you to reach them. With all the beauty and nature around us to be sitting in silence listening to what nature is telling us. Spend some moments with a friend and do something with them that you both enjoy and love. The one word that was said to you that meant nothing to you – the word HOPE Well you will be something big and famous for what your dreams and passions were into. You are the light and you are the message of HOPE. All the opportunities you have to grab right now are there for the taking and for that moment in time, you will shine throughout everything that you have been through. You will see the world in different sorts of pairs of eyes and lenses. You may get a chance to see the world by traveling and sharing the stories of your struggles in the past and how you’ve overcome them with all the perseverance to reach out and beyond your comfort zone to shine and rise on top. You have so much to give to the world and you will be able to share these as you are proving to others that you’re not a quiter but a survivor through all of this. You have so many talents and abilities in this world and so much to prove to others as well as this ability that you have along with what and who you meet in a polite and positive manner and light – just remember those days that you had that were worthless or hopeless to you and build from it and learn from it and not to dwell on it for too long. You will find the right people around you to love and support you. To love you and want you for who and what you are. To be able to share your stories and their stories of what they are. To know that you’re not a burden.


To know in your heart that you are not worthless, you are not helpless. That you are somebody and that somebody will be doing awesome things in the future. The people who love you are so proud of you for what you have accomplished and done so far and there will be many more successes and opportunities on the horizon in the near future. You just need to believe it and accept it. You are using your superpowers, talents, etc for the good of all people that come on your path for whatever reason. You are leading by example. You are a leader. You are a voice. The ones that admire you and adore you may find the courage and superpowers in them to do good in the world also. Remind yourself every day of the progress that you are making. Don’t forever worry if you made a mistake as this is a life lesson in itself.


This is teaching us everything we need to know about life and living. Remember that the best days are to come as you just need to be patient and ready for it!


You will eventually find who you really are as a person and a being. For the true callings that you have – stay for the ones that will eventually need you the most.


You will learn and grow more as a person about life to what it has to give and offer to you. Life is an amazing thing to have right now. Treasure it and cherish it.


Keep speaking your truth and keep on healing. Hang in there as the breakthrough that you are waiting for is just around the corner.


Just hold on!











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