Goodbye Malborough, Queen Charlotte Sounds, Picton/ Hello Wellington

Malborough/Queen Charlotte Sounds/Picton NZ Travel Guide

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This is the final video for the South Island Road trip that FireTheLier and I planned earlier this year for the winter edition. As you could see throughout all the videos we were getting ready to go and to see and taste a bit of what the south island had to offer to us. Being the first time for us to travel down south.

The last leg of our journey was that we traveled through Malborough region, Queen Charlotte Sounds, Shakespeare Bay Point, Aussie Bay Campsite, Havelock, and then headed all the way back to Picton to head back home to Manawatu/Wellington.

But, first being late that night we left Picton, FireTheLier and I decided to get a well-deserved rest and we stayed at Atua Hotel in Wellington.

You can watch my previous video of a short brief video of Traveling with Aspie/Malborough NZ –Watch here.
Come and join us while we venture around these areas to see what is there and what we can do for any activities.

Thanks, FireTheLier for all that you do. Thanks, FireTheLier for giving us the opportunity to explore South Island NZ, and if you wish to show support to FireTheLier his socials are as follows:

MUSIC – I don’t own the full copyright to these songs:
Song – ‘Journey’ Artist – Mokka Song- Memories Artist – BenSound

Thanks for watching and for your support!

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