HOW to communicate to a non-verbal autistic

How to communicate to a non-verbal autistic

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They are the same as ones that do talk yet do have a bit of different needs for themselves. After all, they’re still human too and that they want to feel included and not excluded from the group and that goes for many other people with different conditions, not just Autistics.



Nonverbal autistic people of any age can still understand you, so when it comes to you talking, talk in an age-appropriate manner for the child and give them extra time to process what you’ve said. The child can respond by using a form of AAC, such as holding up a card with a picture or a word on it, pointing to something, writing or typing their response, using a button or AAC device, or even using sign language. It’s also important to remember that nonverbal autistics still use body language and that facial expressions, stimming, tensing, and vocalizations (even if they aren’t words) are a form of communication. Here are some tips also in this video to assist you all.

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