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Welcome to Men’s Health Week


Hi, great to have you here.


Thanks for being part of Men’s Health Week which will roll around again on the 12th-18th of June 2023.

Men’s Health Week aims to help you get right on top of your biggest and most important asset – your health.

Our sole purpose at MHW is to get guys to think a little more and know a little more about their health.

We want to encourage men to start with the small steps that can enable them to turn their health issues around.

Little steps can – and will – make big differences. We just have to start.

For one week in June each year, MHW gets to remind us all of the small things we should be doing, the health routines we can understand and control.  But guys, one week each year won’t cut it.

Living longer, more enjoyable lives take a little work, but we’re all up for it.

We just have to take those small steps and start.


Why have Men’s Health Week?


Men are on the back foot from the start. A boy born today will live nearly four years less than a girl born in the room next door. He will be over 20% more likely to die of a heart attack than the girl, and almost 30% more likely to get diabetes. Worse, he is three times more likely to die by suicide or in a motor car crash.

8 Kiwi families every day lose a loved partner, father, or tupuna to a PREVENTABLE illness, one they didn’t need to die from. Māori and Pasifika men live significantly shorter lives on average than other races in NZ. That’s so wrong.

Almost one Kiwi man in four will die before they reach retirement age. One in four of us won’t live to retire!


It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can do something to change these numbers by making small changes to the things we eat, drink, and do. You can do that. We owe it to the ones we love and who love us and who depend on us.

And it’s not hard – small steps can really make a big difference. Little changes can and do lead to big results.

Everyone can do a little something to make their lot better.

Start small, walk a little, eat a little less….…..see and feel the changes, enjoy life more, live longer.

Who doesn’t want that?


Start here at Men’s Health Week


  • Take the What’s Your Score? test to get a gauge on the health routines you already have.
  • Get an intro to vital health issues for guys and things you can do to avoid some basic problems on our health information pages
  • Learn more by jumping into our health quizzes or podcasts, download our useful resources, and follow the expert links we have to go even deeper.

You can manage your health to live longer and better. We just gotta take that first step guys.

Thanks for joining us this Men’s Health Week. We wish you great health.
Want to find out more about Mens Health Month NZ you can click here




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