Before I continue my blog pieces as you can see that this should have been my first blog entry posts for you all to cover what will be covered for the next few entries. For those of you who are planning to travel around the world and especially if New Zealand is on your list to travel to, I shall guide you through what New Zealand has to offer to you.



New Zealand is known as “Adventure Capital of the World”! Also, another name is also in a Maori word is Aoteoroa which is translated as “Land of the Long White Cloud”.





In New Zealand, you can go caving, hiking, skydiving, skiing, climbing, bungy jumping, jet boating, swimming with dolphins, and camping… just to name a few of the heart-pumping activities you’ll find! Everywhere you look, there’s jaw-dropping landscapes and adventures to be had. Welcome to the real Middle Earth, where your fun and adventure will begin.




If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, the following travel guides that I am offeriing and sharing my knowledge will have everything you need to know. We have got the answers to all your New Zealand questions right here! Browse through our range of blogs and learn about everything from great places to stay and activities to do, right through to what sort of weather to expect on your New Zealand adventure and how to nail your travel packing!


Learn about the North and South Island so you can see where you want to spend more of your time, see the best National Parks and Wildlife or where to go walking, hiking and biking if you are after adventure!

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Don’t worry I  have you covered!


New Zealand has it all!



I  want to make sure you make the most out of your holiday as I  know how special New Zealand is to travel.

So, come and join me as I take you on an adventure that I have been going, experiencing and doing with the help of FireTheLier my current partner.





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