To Every Girl Who Hides Her Anxiety Behind A Smile

Just the fact that you’re able to carry a smile most days and even on the darkest days on your face when your body feels so tight and tense to the point that it is making your whole body and wanting to throw up. You being apprehensive, is a sign of strength and courage as you battle this demon every single day. You might not even know it, and you might refuse to believe that you are brave, courageous strong, but trust me, you are all this and so much more in this world that you have to offer.

You’re coping with your anxiety as best you can, so please be gentle with your soul and also your spirit and everything that is special and unique.

I bet you didn’t know that your best would be considered and unbearable to the point that you feel like you need to give up on something that you may enjoy and loved for quite some time, or maybe it’s a monumental task to someone who doesn’t have to deal with anxiety on a daily basis like you do.

You are courageous, intelligent,  sweet, and a beautiful soul who happens to suffer from fear, apprehension and unbearable thoughts that sometimes these thoughts will come to visit to haunt and taunt you to the point of no return when you think that you have been through enough or even had enough, so please believe that you’re so much more than your anxiety.

Yes, more often than not, you have to come face to face with all the fears of your mind that it constructs and builds overtime to leave you thinking the worse and spits at your soul, but you fight back harder and tougher. You put on a brave smile and at the same time try to talk yourself out of the darkness in your mind by doing your best at being rational, after all, it’s your best weapon against irrational thoughts.

Sometimes you win others anxiety might consume you, but you know it’s only  temporary and you never give up fighting for a quiet mind. 

You know at your core that you’re resilient, so you put a smile on your face and you fight your anxiety back with all you’ve got because you know in your heart that your beauty supersedes the chaos in your mind.

On the surface, you might have to fake it until you make it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you’re struggling inside but you appear collected on the outside you’re just saying ‘Fuck you’ to your anxiety.

Hiding your anxiety is not just to show the world the best possible version of you, you’re also coping and finding the best way for you to navigate a world that also belongs to you and you only as you can only find that reason, purpose as you journey through this called LIFE. You have the right to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter where you are, considering the constant doubts and false perceptions your anxiety feeds you on a daily yet it is up to you will you let it take over you or will you rise above it before it causes a big mess and storm for you?

You have the power to stop your anxiety from defining who you are, so allow your heart to guide you in the right direction.


Because your heart only wants to express the beauty in you, the real and genuine you.

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