Tour Guide of Waitomo/ [What you can see and do]

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Have you been planning to go to New Zealand?
Have you ever wondered what you can see and do in the Waitomo region of NZ?

Well, look no further as I shared with you all some of the top places that you can go and do such as the famous caves that are in the region along with its history which are Waitomo Caves, Aranui Caves, and Ruakuri Caves. You can also do some walks that are around the caves. In Ruakuri Caves, explore the glowworms. (I shall more about these places at a later date of these attractions of what they are known for for the history of these places) 

VIDEOS I mentioned is FireTheLier’s Late Birthday Trip to Otrohonga, Waitomo/Taupo NZ [Nov 13-15 2022] –

As always thanks FireTheLier for all you do for me.

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