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Introduction – What is dating your friend vs friends with benefits –Definition


So, you are maybe wondering what is dating your friend vs friends with benefits right? Am I right? That can be such a topic to share with you all as I write this part of the chapter but the very first thing is do I really know what it means and have I had the experience to share this with you the answer to this is YES. I am a bit ashamed to be honest with you all but the truth is now out there for you all as you get to know me more as a person and not just a writer, person with autism and ADHD, podcaster, etc. I guess the next question you will ask me is what was it like and did I enjoy it?


In the meantime, let’s begin with the very basics to come to our understanding of what these terminologies mean and where it originated, and so on.

From of the slang version of the definition we are looking at here is defined as Friends with benefits are two people who engage in sexual activity without being in committed relationships. Online, friends with benefits are sometimes abbreviated as FWB.





Differences between dating your friend and friends with benefits

Is “Friends With Benefits” And “Dating” The Same Thing?

Signs of Dating

Signs of Friends with Benefit

Dating Vs. Friends With Benefits: Comparison – Dating: Advantages and Disadvantages

Relationship Or Friends With Benefits? Which One To Choose?


FAQs About Friends with Benefits




Here is the answer from what I understand and research for you all deeply based on my knowledge and experience as well.

Friends with benefits are two close pals who occasionally hook up without any of the usual relationship baggage that comes with sex (the benefits)—you know, like romance and exclusivity.

Humans have surely been attempting, and almost always failing at, such a gig since the beginning of time, but credit for the term friends with benefits is given to singer Alanis Morissette. On her award-winning 1995 Jagged Little Pill track “Head over Feet,” Morissette sings: “You’re my best friend / Best friend with benefits.” Isn’t it ironic, though, that Morissette here is talking about a lover—that is, being in a romantic relationship—who is also a close friend?


Alanis Morrissette performs during the 2015 American Music Awards
at Microsoft Theatre on November 22, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Kevin Winter, Getty Images



The meaning of the phrase soon started shifting. In 1997, for instance, internet user Squeaker Munchkin pondered in a forum: “How do you classify a relationship of sleeping with your best friend?… Is this a ‘best friends with benefits’ thing, or a ‘non-relationship’…or an unofficial relationship that could become something better?” Well, Squeaker, it all depends. Sex makes things messy. Feelings always get in the way. By the 1990s, friends with benefits were an established term for two friends who have occasional casual sex.


Interest in the phrase spiked in 2011 with the release of the rom-com Friends with Benefits, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Guess what? Things get complicated. A competing flick, No Strings Attached, with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, also explored the theme that year.




Friends with benefits are often prized as an ideal but ultimately acknowledged as naive.


Saying you are friends with benefits with someone always elicits a sarcastic reply of “Yeah, right” or “Say goodbye to that friendship, then” or “You’ve got yourself a relationship.”

And, being friends with benefits requires maturity, honesty, and commitment from both parties … like any relationship.




On the internet and dating apps, a friend with benefits is often shortened to the acronym FWB. While it is often said of opposite-sex friends, friends with benefits of course applies to (and fails among) same-sex pairs, as well.



Differences between dating your friend and friends with benefits


You may be questioning yourself that are you friends or more than friends. You feel that you want to ask the person that you’re involved with that question yet you fear that could it end your relationship with them no matter what level/stage you are at with them. That is just normal along with also another question to ask yourself are you confused about your relationship? You can’t decide whether you guys are dating or they are just a friend with benefits? It is very common to be puzzled, as there is a thin wall between these two along with the definitions seem to be changing all the time.



Sometimes people feel betrayed or hopeless when it comes to friends-with-benefits relations. As they don’t understand what the opposite one is feeling, is the relation serious, or only they are friends with benefits. Sometimes, you may even feel that you are in the dark with them and that they possibly giving off some wrong signals and make you assume that you and the person that you’re with will want the same thing yet is it really what it seems?



It’s very important to know the difference between dating and friends with benefits. I will clear out the carpet right now and dust everything right now – figuratively speaking of the signs of both and which one to choose if it suits you both to where you both at in this. So you won’t feel any unrealistic expectations from them or even feel alone, isolated, confused, and many other mixed feelings and emotions that are involved with this.


Is “Friends With Benefits” And “Dating” The Same Thing?


Let’s be very clear right now and here as I am writing this to you as you read this that we need to understand that Friends with benefits, commonly known as FWB, and dating are never the same thing. There might be similarities, but the differences are huge.

Dating is a serious relationship where commitment and attachment are a priority. You may or may not have courtship. It is not mandatory in dating.

On the other hand, FWB or just friends are two friends getting along for a while. There won’t be any commitment issues. Both of them agree to keep their friendship and sometimes take the benefits. This kind of a relation does include courtship.

Signs of Dating

I have shared earlier in one of the chapters based on this terminology and you can find it on page …You may be feeling confused whether you are in a serious relationship (AKA dating) or it’s just a friend with benefits. I pointed out some crucial parts that are signs of dating. I shall clearly briefly remind you about the signs of dating to remind you or jog back your memory with what I may have shared with you all and they are as follows:

  • You see him/her as a long-time partner.
  • Physical connection is not mandatory here, but most often, a mental connection is sought. You often explore each other; feel interested to know each other families and other stuff.
  • You may set plans together, go on romantic dates, and so on.
  • You often discuss the future together.
  • Future goals and jobs are often discussed together in dating.
  • Most of the time, dating is exclusive. You may have more than one FWB at a time, but this rule doesn’t apply to dating.
  • Commitment is a focal point here.

Signs of Friends with Benefits

Now let’s talk about the signs of Friends with Benefits. FWB is a friend of yours. You remain friends before and after the courtship. There are signs she/he is a friend with benefits, not someone you are dating-they are as follows below:

  • You have boundaries in FWB. You don’t share future goals or plans.
  • Commitment is not needed here.
  • Both of you can have sexual desires for each other, but you don’t take it any further.
  • Any of you can end the FWB relation, and still be friends. Being in an FWB relation doesn’t indicate that you can’t have future goals or find your significant other.
  • You hang out like normal friends.



To be precise, the one you are dating may or not be your friend, but FWB relationships occur between friends with mutual understanding.


Dating Vs. Friends With Benefits: Comparison – Dating: Advantages and Disadvantages

Let me be real and honest here that this will never change and there is a never-ending battle between dating and friends with benefits. People fight over which one is best, and which one is ethical. But I’m not going into that. I will compare both of them and the benefits and problems these two hold.

Dating, as I said before, is somewhat a more serious thing. Of course, couples break up and find someone else, but I am saying what is considered traditional.

When two people decide to date, they are entering into a serious relationship, which they acknowledge. They try to understand and get to know each other. They usually get together for a long term. Future goals and plans are often discussed together. They not only talk about themselves but also get attached to their family members.



You may introduce the other one as your girlfriend/boyfriend in front of other people. Dating is publicly announced. Well, there are exceptions. Some people like to keep their serious relationships a secret.

Now the problem part, although it differs from person to person. You cannot look for another person while being committed to one. That would be unethical, known as cheating.

Mutual understanding, staying true to your words is essential to make your relationship work. Commitment is a big issue for some people when it comes to dating.


Friends With Benefits: Advantages And Disadvantages


Sometimes, again we need to make sure to question anything and everything to who we are involved, what their intentions are in the relationship, and so on. We don’t want to at the end of the day find out that it wasn’t supposed to be or have to go through so many breakups or even just many misunderstandings about one another. It is never a good idea to lead someone on so therefore again I can’t stress it enough that with any relationship we have or encountered to be sure to communicate and find means of trusting one another as there are many important pillars to keep a relationship going and that it does take work yet it is worth it once you are with someone that really knows what they want.

When it comes to the advantages, friends-with-benefits relationships have plenty of them. But there are some problems too, which most people fear.


Friends with benefits occur between friends, so you know the other person better. You can hang out and chill, just like any other friendship. But the benefit here is you can have sexual desires for each other.

But the most exciting benefit is no commitment. Some people are afraid of commitment. You may have an FWB ongoing and still get into another FWB, there won’t be an issue for you, and this will not count as cheating. You don’t have any strings with your friends with benefits. You don’t have to further take up your relationship in the future and can leave any moment you want. There is no drama or explanation needed. However, you are only ending the benefits part. You can still be friends. Your future goals and plans don’t include your FWB, as settling down goes against the rules of friends-with-benefits relationships. But you can discuss these topics with them, as you are friends.


The most common disadvantage of a friends-with-benefits relationship is getting attached to the other person. The worst is, the other person doesn’t feel the same way. As you accepted the boundaries of FWB relationships, you cannot blame them, nor can you force them to upgrade the relationship.


Other than this heartbroken situation, there is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases in FWB relations. As you don’t stay monogamous in FWB, there is a high risk of AIDS or any other STD.


Relationship Or Friends With Benefits? Which One To Choose

It depends on you. The choice is yours and no one can make that choice but yourself and that at the end of the day that we know that these choices, comes with responsibility and also repercussions good or bad decisions we make that we may have to learn from as well as this as I believe makes us a better, stronger, wiser and smarter person. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that we made a mistake and again take another stand of if we want to change or fix something yet we know that some things aren’t worth fixing when we know it’s done/finished. I want to question you all as you read further is these three questions and they are what are you seeking in a relationship? Is it stability, commitment, and trust? Or do you want to be with someone for a while?


Dating requires patience and maturity. You cannot leave anytime you want, as you have committed to the other person. There is also an exploration part, where you get to know each other. You have to respect each other and the decisions they make. There is mainly mental satisfaction, finding someone for the rest of your life. If you are a person who likes a monogamous relationship, then dating would be the best option.


Friends with benefits are temporary. You cannot expect the other person to stay forever. As there is no commitment and lots of boundaries, not all people prefer FWB relationships. Call it a business or not, FWB relationships are popular because of their temporary time limit. Many people don’t like break-up drama, nor do they like monogamous relationships. For them, friends with benefits are a good option.


Every human being is different. They have different perspective on romantic interest. Some like to be in a life-long relationship. Some prefer a fling, like FWB. Both types have their issues and advantages. Now that you know the differences between dating and friends with benefits, it’s easier for you to differentiate and choose yours wisely.

It Gives You The Chance To Enjoy Dating Without Pressure


Yes, dating apps can be a great way to have fun and avoid any pressure. You can go on dates with people you meet through the app, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to see them again.

Plus, dating apps make it easy to keep track of all of your dates – you can see who’s been online, what they’ve been saying, and even where they are in the world. This makes it easy to move on if someone doesn’t interest you. Yes, dating apps can be a great way to enjoy dating without any pressure. You can explore your interests and date people who share those interests without having to worry about making a commitment. Plus, the app can help you meet new people quickly and easily, so you don’t have to spend time on dates that don’t feel right.




I hope you found your answer about Dating Vs Friends with Benefits and which type is best for which kind of people. So, you’re wondering which is better? Dating or friends with benefits? While both have their pros and cons, in the long run, one might be better for you. Why? Because it can give you a sense of security, while also affording you the opportunity to get to know someone better. It’s up to you to decide which is right for you, but either way, we hope this blog gave you a little insight into the two different types of relationships.


FAQs/Questions to ask yourself of what you want out of friends with benefits


  1. What Are the Problems in the Friends With Benefits Relationship?

Friends with benefits can develop feelings later, which causes heartbreak and sometimes the friendship gets ruined. There is also a high chance of STDs.


  1. How Do I Avoid Getting Attached to a Friend With Benefits Relationship?

Having clear boundaries and rules before entering into an FWB relationship can help you avoid attachment. You can also let yourself be busy with something else.


  1. How Long Can a Friends With Benefits Relationship Last?

Friends-with-benefits relationships can last from one month to several years. It depends on you and the other person.


  1. What Are the Signs That a Guy With Whom You’re in an Fwb Situation Is Falling for You?

Usually, there is no romantic interest in an FWB relationship. But if an FWB is falling for you, they might act like a boyfriend/girlfriend. They want to be with you more often. They don’t fear going public with you and many more. It is best to ask them directly.


  1. What Else Do I Need to Know About Friends With Benefits?

So, you’re thinking about having friends with benefits… What else do you need to know?

Basically, friends with benefits (FWB) is an arrangement in which two people – usually a couple – have sex without getting emotionally attached. The agreement can be anything from casual to committed, and it’s a popular way for people to have fun without getting emotionally tangled up.

FWBs can be great for those who are looking for something casual and not too serious. They can also be a good way to avoid getting emotionally attached to someone – which can be a risk if things don’t work out. However, FWB arrangements can also be risky because they don’t usually last long and they may not always be compatible. So, make sure that you and your partner are both on the same page before getting started!


  1. How Are Friends With Benefits Different From Dating?

Friends with benefits is a term used to describe a type of relationship in which two people are casually involved with one another without any romantic attachments. While dating typically involves developing a deeper connection with someone before engaging in sexual activity, friends with benefits allow for more freedom and spontaneity. It can be seen as less serious or committed than dating, which can be helpful if you don’t want to get too emotionally attached to someone.



Overall, friends with benefits are a causal relationship that allows for more freedom and variety than traditional dating. It’s perfect for people who are looking for something less serious and more flexible.

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