We tend to question ourselves including myself what success really is and how we define it is up to us. We have the power including every right to make everyday choices that are deemed suitable for myself and you and only us. Before we all try to chase or pursue our dreams – we need to come to an acknowledgment of an understanding or knowing of what success really is and what success isn’t.


We all want and crave attention to success and to feel powerful and successful in what we do yet there’s nothing wrong with that. We all chase money, fame, fortune, power, education, and relationships. Yet, again the question remains if we don’t stop- have we already reached the point of success?  Also, in saying this everyone’s perception of success can be faulty!



The question to ask myself is what is success?


According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the definition of success is defined as:
1) Degree or measure of succeeding.

2) Favourable or desirable outcomes are also the attainment of wealth, favour, or eminence.

3) One that succeeds.

Also, the definition from defines success as:

1) Favourable or prosperous determination of attempts or endeavours of the accomplishment of one’s goals.

2) Attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like of whatever it may be.

3) Performance or achievement that is marked by success ie. Attainment of honours or scholarships etc. 



It’s known that many people myself included may pause and think about what success truly means to them and myself and succeed in everything that we do to become a better version of ourselves.

I believe that if we don’t ask ourselves this question along with many questions that all is broken and lost. The answer we’re seeking is that I and you just need to believe and not rush the maturity, self, mental, and spiritual growth along with mine and your learning process in our journey. We may as well end up climbing up the wrong ladder of someone else’s version of success. Those people who have achieved their own rights, terms, and merits are those who are crystal clear on what it means for them to reach the top. If we want to follow in their footsteps, we must achieve equal clarity and understanding. Success is setting our goals, dreams, and visions along with objectives and trajectories based on what my heart so desires and craves not what someone else wants from me. The very simple and profound truth of it all is that whatever the day brings for me to make me happy and at peace in myself and for myself may not make you happy and at peace for yourself and vice versa.


I believe that we truly fail myself included and also feel defeated by certain everyday situations that we can all learn from our past mistakes and learn from them. Our mistakes are our lessons in life to teach us, prepare us, and help us to grow maturely, spiritually, and mentally.

I strongly believe – if we ever try to pursue someone else’s dreams, visions, goals, and path, we’ll feel so tired, frustrated, and unhappy and that we all ultimately will lose ourselves and not be at peace within ourselves or anything that comes up to test our limits, patience and boundaries. As Bruce Lee said, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don’t go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”


The first step and path to success starts with us asking ourselves,


“What really makes me happy?” “What makes me at peace in myself?”
The next steps to ask me are:

  • Where have I already seen success in my own life?
  • How can I continue to build up on that success?
  • What life lessons have I learned from these successes?
  • What did I learn about myself from these successes? 

Success is both a goal and a long journey in self-discovery. When we reach a certain milestone or path, we tend to give up from there and this is an important part of the element of success not to give up on what you’re doing and to keep on going or moving forward and not to look back. Also, do not allow others to hold us back. Finding the right people who love me and support everything I am and what I do. I should never stop. I need to keep pushing myself forward, higher, and harder to strive more and to be better in myself.
I need to ask myself some surefire specific questions to myself and they are:

  • What truly matters to me the most?
  • What truly ignites me and sets my passions on fire?
  • What do I want to make out of my life?
  • Who I want to become?
  • What lifestyle do I want to achieve and accomplish in life? 

The question you will be asking yourselves is “What does success means to me?”

Success means to me the following:

  • Little achievements and accomplishments that I’ve made ie. Making new friends on either social media or the outside world.
  • Sharing my life story with Aspergers Syndrome.
  • Creating an awareness and understanding of all this.
  • The everyday choices I’ve made in the good, bad, and ugly to keep moving forward, not to dwell on the mistakes I may have made, and not look back..
  • Allowing room for mistakes and also for personal growth in maturity, mental and spiritual.
  • Being alive and kicking.
  • Being a doer and not a goanna.
  • Believing in myself and loving what I do.
Before I do make the first step and decision of making forward I need to access where I am now. I need to be honest and do a self-evaluation on myself. After all, this is said and done- that is then time to set some specific goals for myself. These goals are to be achievable yet set and concrete but it’s still challenging for me. If I don’t define success- someone else will define it for me!

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