Letter to the Loved One- To the One Who has Passed Away of a Friend or Family Member.

Letter to the Loved one- To the one who has passed away a friend or family member.

Dear friend, or family member, even though I have not met you or I have met you once in my life- Now have I known you for this long as I felt in my heart that I should have done. But, I can not forever change to what has happened since you are now gone. This letter is for you. Yes, YOU. I have got something to share with you about what is on my heart and mind. I forever now really miss you as you have left an empty void in my heart. I thought that this will never for a second or a minute come to an end like this -between us.

I know deep down in my heart that there is another conversation and another chance given to us waiting and given to us so that I can tell you that I love you as well as falling deeply in love with you. You were a great friend, companion, and relative (not by blood but by Spirit). I thought that tomorrow was and shall always come and be promised for us both to do what we always loved to do as well as being able to have one last chance to forgive and fix any wrongs before you parted.

I have never imagined or pictured a life without you in it. It hurts me deep down to realize now that another memory of us will be created. Another laughter, tears to be shared and another moment will not forever be made! Is like right now, I question myself,  “How do I say a real and true goodbye to yesterday when everything I want to hold onto about you, lives here?”

Honestly, sometimes, for me waking up every morning is sometimes bittersweet for me because everything around me seems normal around me until I open up my eyes and realise that this was a dream I do not know or cannot get out of.

After you left me, I have lived with and in regret for so long- having these such thoughts that I could have been there more, to support you more when you needed someone there the most, to call you more just to hear your voice on the other end of the line one last time. I should have prayed for you more in the hour of your need. I regretted all the silent tears and cries that you shed every night. I thought to myself, “Why does it seem so easy to express to someone whom you love dearly and hold them close to you and your heart despite that someone is no longer here in your life?” Why didn’t I give you more effort some red roses or something to cheer you up or even so that you can still smell the sweet smell? These thoughts I am sharing with you now are killing me softly yet slowly deep inside of me until I realised and open my eyes to something this is not how you want to be remembered. This is how you do not want the relationship we had and shared to be remembered.

You are too much happy, carefree and at peace spirit and soul showing us a reminder that we should not forever have to  live our lives like this in the world of regrets, pain, bitterness and selfishness. You want a celebration of life as death is not an end for any of us before we saved a soul is just the beginning of new life and journey to be had and shared. This is nothing but an eternal reward for us all to seek. You will want me to keep your legacy alive and there is something in this world that life  of the life lessons that has taught me and that is to believe in what I stand up for, believe in myself, love myself more etc, I am having you saying all of this right now in spirit to me as you whisper these gentle and sweet reminders in how we should live our lives everyday.

This is not your job to understand God’s plans but it is your job to trust His Plans he has for me even if the pain that I go through some days are unbearable and hurts to do so. Remember this: “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.”

I shall feel stronger and closer as I do something in memory of you and for you that I have ever felt and been for quite sometime. It is like I can feel your warm presence wrapped around me and surrounding me and giving me a sense of joy, peace and hope. Now the tears of sorrow are replaced with tears of joy and here on in I shall go forth to sing and dance.

You taught me so many great things in life but I want people to hold onto the memories that I have of you that are gone.
1) Appreciate everything and anything in this life and never live in regrets.
2) Do not pass away with me but keep what you have alive in you.

You will never know a value of a moment until what you had is now a memory. Learn to appreciate every moment that you have with the ones around you and with you.

Thank you for teaching me all of this, I now know that I shall and will see you again. Nothing was ever lost until I found what I was looking for.

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