Top 17 Tourist Attractions in Wellington NZ [2023 Edition]




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Welcome back Chameleons and happy late new years for 2023.


I trust and hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year as well.

I hope that you didn’t get too drunk and all. Yes, we are finally in 2023 and boy it is going fast. FireTheLier and I decided for our late new year’s celebration to go on another road trip right now and that’s to Wellington, NZ. We wanted to see for ourselves if Wellington has changed when we were last down there or more importantly, I did. We went to do a scavenger hunt, rock climbing, going to some restaurants, cafes and so much more. Come and join us as we take you down here to see what we got up to. Also, as a note for you all this part of the mini travel series that I’ve done will be a little bit repetitive based on some attractions, cafes, and/or restaurants yet will hope that I can still have my input on my opinions based on some recommendations on where to see and go and do in Wellington, NZ if you do decide to travel.

Thanks FireTheLier for everything that you’ve done and trying to do all the time.

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Thanks for watching and for your support!

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