Travelling with Aspie/Kapiti-Wellington NZ




Today I was joined by FireTheLier which you can find on Facebook or on his YouTube Channel

and we went traveling further down the coast to Kapiti & Wellington.

We had fun along the way as well as a mishap of the navigation. This is a short trip for the day. We went to the Botanic Gardens which is the largest garden in Wellington. This has many tourist sites/attractions to go and do. We also went to Kaiori Cafe’ and also the library there.

*Note as I am doing these travel videos of what I have seen and done that they will be broken down even further for what you will need to know based on either history of each parts or even what to see and do in each regions)*

Come and join me while we go on this journey. Music: I don’t owe the copyrighted material of the following songs:


Thanks for your support and watching

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