Mental Health Helplines Worldwide

Here is a comprehensive list of suicide hotlines, crisis lines, and helplines from all around the world. In times of need, reach for the phone. You have nothing to lose. Every drop of kindness, care, and understanding makes a difference.



Note: All helplines, crisis lines, and suicide hotlines play an essential role in allowing people to communicate in their way and at their time. People feel a sense of control and are freed too discuss matters far too risky to share face-to-face. In general, helplines, crisis lines, and suicide hotlines have three things in common:
1) they are often available to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
2) they don’t cost you anything
3) they are confidential



Calling a helpline, crisis line, and or suicide hotline is a great way to be heard and get sound advice on how to approach your problems. When help is needed, this is an excellent place to start. Below is an extensive list of helplines, crisis lines, and suicide hotlines from all around the world. Please choose your country and call the appropriate number. Please also let me know if I have missed any services around the world as you also could be saving someone’s life.




AMERICA                       AUSTRALIA               CANADA 

ASIA & MIDDLE EAST                                   AFRICA    

SOUTH AMERICA             

              NEW ZEALAND


UK & IRELAND       

NORTH AMERICA                              EUROPE


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