Credits and Thanks

This is to show my token of appreciation to many people who have journeyed with me from the very beginning of my projects and in general who are still around.

This page will be credited to the ones that have participated in the past videos that you may have seen as collabs based on mental health, autism and getting to know a few of the content creators that had different conditions to raise awareness, understanding, knowledge and acceptance. You could also say this is a form of acknowledgement from me to those who have either been with me from the beginning or just doing their part. This will also have personal contact information for each of them into where you can find them and support them. Not only will it show their contact information yet will have some videos that they were featured in as a reference for you all to watch as well.

Lists of Videos and Playlists

There is one video you can watch most of the people or the collabs in general that I have done with your support to visit their sites and when you do decide to show support share with them that Aspie Answers has sent you over there! Where you can find this particular video is here:
Collabs & Interviews with others:
Or alternatively, you can watch the following collabs based on different topics and get to know some people along the way the topics are as follows:

Cody Caughill
Collab Video:

Luke Ellis

Anna Molekin from Auckland, New Zealand as was raising funds for autism through her artwork that was being auctioned on Trademe website. Here are some of her details listed below to contact her.
Offical Website:
Art Website:
Art Printing Clothing Online Shop:

In this part will be some collaborations with people to raise awareness for Mental Health for one year.

[Collab Special] (Suicide Awareness)/Messages of Hope from the Small YouTubers Community

Special thanks to the following people who participated in my collab to make this happen. They are as follows:

Another video playlist or two you can watch for something fun and entertaining is when I did some fun and games, challenges along with travel with FireTheLier and you can find these two playlists here:

Collabs with FireTheLier:
Travel bug! Travelling with Aspie Vlogs:
Where you can find FireTheLier is as follows:

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