Canada Autism Acceptance Month

On this page, you can find information, support for Autism acceptance in Canada.

Autism Awareness Acceptance month is usually celebrated worldwide on April 2 for the whole month of April, yet in Canada, this is celebrated at a different time of the month which is October which provides an opportunity for all Canadians to learn more about this condition and about how we can support people living with autism, their families and their caregivers. 

In Canada, it’s known that the month of celebrations for autistics is celebrated in October every year. As this celebration is known to raise awareness around this time of year for autistics yet now it is known to have been changed to autism acceptance month worldwide. This month is a special month as this provides an opportunity for others in Canada and worldwide to learn more about autism and how it works for those who are diagnosed with this to share their stories and/or experiences.

To this day, it is still misunderstood by many about Autism Spectrum Conditions and there are a few brave people who have been sharing their lived experiences with the condition to connect and engage with others via many platforms ie YouTube, Spotify, etc.

The Government of Canada is committed to helping people with autism and their families. Through Budget 2018, they are investing $20 million over the next five years to support innovative, community-based projects that will integrate and strengthen health, social and educational programs, and reduce the stigma toward people with autism. This builds on existing investments in research and support for health professionals in diagnosing, treating, and providing resources for their patients with ASC.

For example, this year, in collaboration with provincial and territorial partners, they released the report Autism Spectrum Disorder among Children and Youth in Canada 2018, which provides an overview of the data that is helping us to better understand the prevalence of ASC across Canada. They are also supporting the Canadian Paediatric Society in the development of clinical assessment guidelines that will assist health care professionals in early detection and follow-up care for children and youth living with autism.

Those who live with autism deserve every opportunity to participate fully in their communities and contribute to our society. This October, join me in raising awareness of Autism Spectrum conditions and learn about how you can support Canadians living with autism.

Below is an image that shows some information based on autism in Canada.

Source: Autism Spectrum Disorder among Children and Youth in Canada 2018 –

ASD prevalence per 1,000 by province, territory and overall, 2015.

In this part of the statistics that is shown below is that shows Autism Spectrum Disorders in different parts of Canada. These statistics will likely have changed over the years as Autism is growing quite quickly.

What you can do to support Autism Awareness/Acceptance month?

There are other ways you can support people with autism and you can find out here by visiting Autism Speaks Canada website if you’re interested: World Autism Month – Autism Speaks Canada or you can check out in your local areas if they have any support groups to help you and your child with autism.

To learn more about autism and Autism Awareness Day/Month, see some  Twitter and Facebook pages and visit these helpful links:

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